First of all, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section since I'm new to the site.

I recently got my hands on the official Ubuntu book which came with version 6.06.

I ran the mem test and ran it off the dvd for a few hours. I then decided to format and run a full install of windows. I'm running it on my laptop, which is a Toshiba, with specs that are more than enough to handle it. My issue is, anytime I reboot or turn off my laptop and try boot back up, the screen displays black only. No Bios Post or anything. I have found with fiddling with it, if I unplug it's power and plug back in, it'll boot up just fine. Only when I unplug the power. I'm a lil stumped on the issue honestly.

Any ideas, I'd appriecate the help. Besides that, I'm lovin Linux(Ubuntu) so far.