Hi everyone

I'm having trouble implementing fuse with ssh and i thought i should post here and see if and how this issue can be resolved.

I have installed everything alright, i was able to first connect remotely with ssh, and then i added fuse to mount my server's directories on my laptop. I am facing two problems though. Please help me out if you can.

First problem was that I Could Not use the scp command to copy files across. It was showing tha % counter going from 0 to 100% but the file was never transfered in either direction. At least i couldn't see it anywhere.

Second problem, using fuse and mounting the filesystem, it doesn't let me do anything with it. I am able to mount it as it seems, but i can't even cd into the directory to work with the files. It won't even show in konqueror. I have created a mountpoint (remotefs) and placed it in my ownership, and mounted the reomte directories in there. ls doesn't work either, unless i use sudo.

sudo ls -l brings me this output for the mountpoint.
?--------- ? ? ? ? ? remotefs

If i unmount the directory (sudo fusermount -u remotefs/) and hit ls -l in home, i get normal permission settings for remotefs.
drwxr-xr-x 2 myname mygroup 4096 2006-10-02 01:36 remotefs

Can someone please help me find a solution? It is urgent, and thank you very much.