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Full Version: Help! mobile phone compatibility (noob)
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Im running a KDe version of linux and im a total noob to the operating system.
Ive just brought myself a mobile phone samsung SGH-D600.
Ive not got the foggiset idea on how to get it to work on my computer.
Im trying to get it working via the usb cable supplied with it. The usb driver supplied on the disc that came witht eh phone doesnt have linux drivers on it. So im stuck.
Like i say i only have 2 weeks experience with linux. So any help for my level of experience will be greatly appreciated.
There are countless Linux distributions which use KDE as their desktop manager so you will have to be more specific. There is a sticky topic in this forum explaining the information that you should provide when troubleshooting usb devices.

I think i know what ur sayin.
Im running ubuntu version of linux.
Hope thats answered the query
USB Devices
1 - Disconnect the device, and reboot your system (or turn it on)
2 - Open a terminal, and type "su -" (no quotes) to gain temporary root privileges
3 - Run the following command "tail -f /var/log/messages" (again, no quotes)
4 - Plug the USB device into your computer
5 - Provide any output on the terminal as part of your post
5 - Run "lsmod" and "lsusb" and provide the output in your post

Check this out:

I assume this is what you mean about getting it to work.
Am assuming this is a GPRS mobile phone? I don't use them but a friend did, and for him, he had to have two things and possibly a third.

1. If this is a USB device, then I think you need the cdc-acm module loaded:
open a console or terminal. (that's the little monitor looking thingy) logon as root:
"su" (without quotes)
then enter password that you selected during installation.
enter "lsmod" : look for anything that looks like this -> usb : uhci. ohci, cdc-acm
if there is no cdc-acm, load it with this command:
"modprobe cdc-acm"

2. you will need the linux drivers for that particular phone. Google around. You may have to learn how to install them. They may or may not be precompiled for your distro.

3. If you're not comfortable with command line, you may want a "frontend" for the setup, that is, a GUI interface designed for cell phones. Sometimes the manufacturer will provide one, or the drivers will have a minimalist UI. If not, I think there is something called GPRS EasyConnect, but unfortunately, for us it required a lot of additional dependencies, and we never got it working. I think we ended up using Kppp as an interface since he had dial-up.

good luck
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