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Full Version: need help with samba mount
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hi there,
im very new to linux, but i repair pcs and am a cs major at purdue and figured it was time to try learning. plus, my job now requires it. I normally run ubuntu but for this i am using knoppix livecd because my boss uses it and i thought i would try anyway.
i have an old redhat box here that crashed. i need to transfer the contents of the hdds to an external i have on my network. i dont know, at all really what im doing.
i need to be positive that ALL files are transferred and will need to make a log also, so far this is what ive gotten so far:

mount -t smbfs -o username=tridge,password=foobar //fjall/test /data/test
root@2[knoppix]# smbmount // /mnt/remote_share -o guest
4149: tree connect failed: ERRDOS - ERRnosuchshare (You specified an invalid share name)
SMB connection failed
root@2[knoppix]# smbmnt // /mnt/remote_share -o guest
Failed to find real path for mount point // No such file or directory

the ip is the external hdd if you hadnt guess, umm i dont know what the share name is, whether thats the file on the remote drive or the drive itself. anyway i dont know how to run mkdir to the remote hdd to make a file on it. ive never used samba before and about the only thing ive ever done in the shell was reconfiguring x-server in ubuntu so i could use the gui. im very new but please i need this done for work and any help asap would be great. a walkthrough even would be wonderful.
the ip is the external hdd if you hadnt guess

I'm not a good guesser. Is this another computer or somekind of network storage device? You need to know the share name. How do you connect to this device via windows?

Try the following commands. findsmb will show all smb enabled devices on the network. smbtree will show a list of all smb enabled devices and their shares.
it is simply an external hdd that is connected to the network in windows the (computer nam i guess you would say) comes up as testshare

root@2[knoppix]# smbtree
        \\KNOPPIX                       Knoppix server (Samba 3.0.22)
                \\KNOPPIX\ADMIN$                IPC Service (Knoppix server (Samba 3.0.22))
                \\KNOPPIX\IPC$                  IPC Service (Knoppix server (Samba 3.0.22))
                \\KNOPPIX\print$                Printer Drivers
        \\TESTSHARE                     testshare
                \\TESTSHARE\ADMIN$              IPC Service ("testshare")
                \\TESTSHARE\IPC$                IPC Service ("testshare")
        \\WEBSERVER                     hp from block
        \\RIG1                          RIG1

as it shows here the external hdd also comes up as testshare on the samba directory
Ok try
mount -o guest -t smbfs //testshare/shared /mnt/remote_share
what type of result should i get there? cause this is whats goin on:

root@2[knoppix]# mount -o guest -t smbfs //testshare/shared /mnt/remote_share
root@2[knoppix]# mount -o guest -t smbfs //testshare/shared /mnt/remote_share
No response typically means the command executed without errors. If you run the mount command with out any parameters you should see that the filesystem is mounted. If there are any files presently in that directory then you should be to view them by looking at the contents of /mnt/remote_share directory.
hey thanks a lot i think ive gotten ev erything figured out im just waiting on rsync now thanks
Way to go....
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