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Full Version: First timer needs help
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no idea
Hello...I just recently had Storm Linux 2000 installed onto my computer. I needed a new operating system cause mine was full of junk I couldn't get rid of. I had Windows 98 on it and it worked ok except for the problems it had...but I didn't have the original start up disc. If I deleted Win 98 I couldn't get it back. A friend of mine was helping me but he didn't have a copy of Win 98 he said Linux would be faster any way. so he put that on it. I have no idea how to use it!

First off I shut down my computer...I'm pretty sure the proper way...I got back on but each time it froze up on me right after it came up. Soon it froze to the point where I couldn't even log into the system anymore! I have no idea what im doing...anyone help me? If anything I may try to get rid of it and look for another copy of help is appreciated. huh.gif
Storm is no longer an active distribution. Not enough enough information provided to really help you troubleshoot your problems. Could be hardware or software related. I suppose you do not have a Win 98 emergency boot floppy disk laying around since you can use it to reformat the hard disk. You can get one from

linux can be more difficult to install and get all the hardware i.e sound cards etc. working. It can be an alternative OS to windows but it depends on what you do with a computer. Gamers should probably stick with windows. Depending on your current hardware ubuntu might be better suited for you if you want to try another linux distribution. How does one learn how to use anything, read about it , use it, make mistakes, try again.
no idea
Thank you for replying! know if I use a boot disc on it it would rewrite everything and reset the hard drive or would it just write over the Linux? The main thing I was trying to do was purge the computer or all the information stored on it and reset everything...I'll try at for the info!
DOS fdisk is capable of deleting all partitions including non-DOS partitions and you can use fdisk /mbr to reset the Master Boot Record.
no idea
ok...thanks...I'm not sure if I know what thats all about...if I use that it will reset all my hard drive? Then I just need a boot disc for my new operating system...right? How compatible is the newer version of Linux? You think it would work with my old computer? The newest Windows OS I would put on it would be 98...anything beyond that is pushing it...just checking all my options...
fdisk is a utility to create partitions on a hard drive i.e c: d: drive etc. It is a command line utility not GUI but you can find lots of info on the internet. In most cases intalling another linux distribution will overwrite anything if you select to delete the current partitions. What distribution is best depends on how much RAM you currently have in the PC. Fedora, SuSE, Mandriva typically recommend 192MB RAM, min 128. These will probably be slow if you computer is fairly old. Go to to check whats out there and you can use this tool to help you decide

I like slackware for older PCs. It may be harder to install and get going for a newbie but it wil be faster then the others mentioned. Also using an alternate desktop like fluxbox rather then KDE or Gnome will save resources and again be faster.
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