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Full Version: Convert Linux Box Into Website Viewer
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Hello! I have a project I would like to work on and I have no idea where to start. I would like to set up a linux box that boots up and loads up a web browser fullscreen with no buttons and it needs to load my webpage. The only thing I would like to have on the screen is the website itself almost like a screensaver. I would also like to remotely log into this machine so that I can administrate it from my office.

I have no idea where to start, here are my main questions:
1. What would be the best distro of linux for this.
2. How would I get the web browser to load full screen with no buttons, no status bar, ect...
3. I am sure there are a ton of Pacakages that do not need to be installed and I would like this machine to boot as fast as possible. So if anyone knows, what are the only packages I would need?
4. Would I be able to change the boot screen to just show my logo as the machine boots up?
5. Is there any way I could check the status on this machine? I mean is there a way for me to make sure everything is running smoothly and that my website is on the screen without physically going to the machine to look at it?

I hope I didn't ask too many questions at one time, I figured if I got everything out in one post it would be easier for people to understand exactly what I want to do.

Thank You! cool.gif

Do you have any experience writting code? If you don't you're probably going to want to just contract somebody out to do this for you. The steps involved in doing this right are a little complex.

At its most basic level any linux distro will work, what you're going to need is a custom init script that starts the x system and the browser instead of starting the terminal server.

As for the remote monitoring, thats a little trickier, you can always start ssh so you can log in and check the running processes and logs, but you will never be able to 100% sure its running correctly.

The only really easy part of that project is the custom boot splash, there are a handfull of bootsplash applications out there that will just take any png and push it up.

But honestly, its all in the init script and custom code, so if you're not comfortable jumping into that, start looking for a contractor.
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