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Full Version: Mail Server Recommendations?
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I've been putting off switching to Linux for my home router/server for the longest time; and quite honestly the only reason is that I need a decent mail server software.

So far, I haven't been able to figure out which one will do what I need. Currently on Windows, I'm using MDaemon and I love it. If there is something similar for Linux, it would end my procrastinations.

The main feature MDaemon has that I need is the ability to collect mail from my mailboxes at my ISP, school, etc. and route them to the appropriate 'local' MDaemon accounts. So when I fire up my email client, I have a different different email accounts (eg:,, etc.). Sounds kinda confusing - hard to explain for me, but I think thats the gist of it. I don't really care about the other fanciness of MDaemon.

Anybody have any recommendations/suggestions/comments on what I should look at? I'm fairly proficient with Linux so I'm not a total n00b; I've setup Linux servers before, including sendmail, ipchains, etc etc. Sendmail doesn't quite do what I want though.

All help would be much appreciated.



It sounds like you are looking for something like procmail -

You can use this in conjuction with a mail server daemon (sendmail, qmail, exim...etc)
Ah - I was hoping to avoid using separate programs to get the end result. I've been searching around a bit and haven't found an 'all-in-one' solution that can do all three (including IMAP).

Perhaps there isn't such a thing?

Thanks for your suggestion though - its the closest I've come yet!

i have used communiGate Pro

its not free...
if you want to use it for commercial use....

i use it and it works each email though
it says something like....

this is using a demo/unlicensed copy of communiGate Pro....

something like that....but the good thing is ...that
it is not crippled in any way what so ever...

just make sure you read through the manual pages and stuff
and make sure you turn off relaying....
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