I am currently experincing a problem with MASTER/BACKUP issues with VRRP.

Running 2 x linux red hat boxes utilising vrrp.

Here is the scenario:-

1: Box 1 - Backup
Box 2 - Master

Switch off box 2 and the following occurs:-

2: Box 1 - Master
Box 2 - Switched off

Exactly as expected. When box 2 is rebooted the following happens:-

3: Box 1 - Backup
Box 2 - Master

This is wrong, when the priority is the same on both box's then Box 1 should remain the master and box 2 should be the backup.

The issues I have require box 2 to be the backup for testing, but I cannot get it to be the back up. I have tried running the following commands:-

vrrpd -i zhp0 -v 1 -B -p 100 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

The above command should force the box to be backup and also, for good measure, I have set the priority to 100..... Nothing, it does'nt change and does not work.

I realise that preemtion is required for this to work so have used the -s switch to force this as well.

Any help would be much appreciated.