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Full Version: Linux Console only (without gui): DSL connection browsing in Firefox
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I can connect to the internet with DSL and browse in Firefox from logging on to the GUI in KDE.

QUESTION: How can i install Firefox and browse the internet with DSL when logged on to the Console mode exclusively with Suse Linux 10.0 ?
Not sure I understand the question. Firefox is a GUI application so if you are not running KDE no Firefox.
There are console browser applications you can use such as lynx and links.
I am installing an internet text browser in Console model. The instructions on installing the text browser Lynx at is vague.

[quote]Lynx MUST be able to find lynx.cfg at start-up: using configure
(e.g. with UNIX or Cygwin), its location is best set with --libdir ;
you can check in lynx_cfg.h after configure has run, if you wish.
otherwise, you can use LYNX_CFG_FILE in userdefs.h ,
environment variable LYNX_CFG or the -cfg command-line option.[quote]

QUESTION: How is Lynx installed in Linux from the Console mode?

Can the Console mode in Linux surf the web and display images?
links is probably the better browser. You can suf the web but it will not display images.

Typically lynx is installed by default so I've never had to do the manual configure stuff.

You should be able to install lynx using yast instead of from scratch.
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