PROBLEM: YaST2 Control Center cannot update Suse Linux 10.0

QUESTION: Is it best to "Downgrade perl-XML-SAX-0.12-5.1 to Version 0.12-5"
or "Ignore Conflict and Risk System Inconsistencies" when updating with
System Update from YaST2 in Suse Linxu 10.0?

The following is the display on YaST2 Control Center interface:

=== YaST2 display starts below this line =================

Cannot solve all conflicts, requires manual intervention
* Pacakges to Update: 2
* New Packages to Install: 3
* Packages to Remove: 0
* Toatl size of Packages to Update: 74.6 MB

=== YaST2 display ends this line =====================

Second dialog pop-up screen in YaST2 Control Center below:

=== second display starts below this line ==============

Software, Software Management

Dependency Conflict

! perl-XML-SAX 0.12-5 conflict

Broken Dependencies of Installed:
- perl-XML-SAX requires perl-XML-NamespaceSupport

* Conflict Resolution:
? Downgrade perl-XML-SAX-0.12-5.1 to Version 0.12-5
? Ignore Conflict and Risk System Inconsistencies

=== second display ends above this line ===========