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Full Version: Apache And Mod_include.c
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Here's what may be an interesting situation... I've installed Apache w/o mod_include but with mod_so. Theoretically I should be able to add mod_include because of the shared objects hook, but I don't really know where to begin and couldn't find information on I'm guessing because mod_include is considered part of the base distribution they don't expect people to try something like this.

I've done the mod_php4 before, and I'm assuming this would be a similar process... but that comes with a "nice" configure and makefile to spoil me. I'll probably need to do mod_include from scratch.

I'm thinking I'll have to compile mod_include.c into an object file (with the extention so) and be sure it's in the same directory as with all the other .so's. Then it's just a matter of playing with the httpd.conf file and adding LoadModule and AddHandler directives.

Has anyone done something like this before and have some insight/suggestions to share? Thanks.

ive done it with the mod_vhost module...

ill post the info i am at work right now and dont have my apache book
Thank you biggrin.gif I'll be looking forward to it!

ok here goes....this is off the top of my head...

go to your apache source directory.....

i think the following path is correct
then cd into src/modules/standard....


type the following

<path to apache webserver>/bin/apxs -c -i -a -n mod_include include

it should compile, install, etc
and update your httpd.conf file...

this is how i installed the mod_vhost_alias module by typing the following

/www/http/bin/apxs -i -c -a -n mod_vhost_alias vhost_alias

and it did its thing and updated my httpd.conf file

hope this works...ill look at my book and update this if necessary...

let me know if this works....

if not post the errors and ill take a look at it...
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