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Full Version: installation of dettuxx linux
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Hi im new to this board and reasonably new to linux.
I have a really old 486 laptop which i am trying to set up as a toy to help me learn more. Ive been searching around for quite a while trying to find a distro of linux that is able to run on my laptop, ive used a few rescue disk versions like tomsrtbt and although that is good to an extent it is only a ram disk distro.
I found dettu[Xx] and yes i realise that it is supposed to be really nasty and that other crap but it seemed to offer what im looking for in that it is small, un-bloated and requires manual installation and mounting ect. which is really what i wanted.
I can boot the system, fdisk/mkfs/mkswap but then i get stuck.
I would really appreciate if anyone can guide me in the right direction, i dont want detailed instructions or anyone telling me step by step what to do(which defeats the purpose of me trying to learn) but maybe a push to find the information i need or if anyone knows of another distro i could try that is maybe not as intense.
The system im using is 486dx 50 mhz, 400mb hdd, 12mb ram and a floppy drive(very primitive yes, but thats what i want, nice and simple, and not an expensive system that i might break)

I only want command based(no X), dev tools like gcc, net tools and the usual, but i want to install the system to hard drive(no ram disk) if possible.

any help would be appreciated
check out zipslack
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