I have a simple setup. WinXP machine, Mandriva Linux box and a 300Gb Maxtor NAS which I use for backups. Netgear firewall/router hooks it all up acts as a DHCP server.

I am using Samba to see the windows machines and NAS. I'm trying to have the NAS mount automatically when the Linux box boots. It works fine when I have this in the /etc/fstab file:

// /mnt/mss smbfs credentials=/.smbpasswd,uid=ahagop 0 0

(the ip address is the NAS - statically allocated by DHCP server)

I then added an alias in the /etc/hosts file: backupdrive backupdrive

and change the fstab to

//backupdrive/linux /mnt/mss smbfs credentials=/.smbpasswd,uid=ahagop 0 0

But the drive does not mount. I can ping backupdrive and it resolves the ip address.

I think that when the system boots it tries to mount the samba drives before it loads the hostname. Just a guess.

How do I resolve this. I don't want to hard code IP addresses everywhere.