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Full Version: Video and installing problem
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I have 2 problems i am a new user of linux and need some help. As i know i have real player and kaffeine as my video players. But i cant play any dvd's because i have no encoder. where can i download one??? another question how do i install a program?? for example i need GCC i read somewhere but i have no idea how i do that :S could someone please help me...

Thank you very much
I am gonna close your other topic and link it here for starters.

Ok, yes, you need a GCC compiler if you're going to do pretty much anything in linux. In order for me to tell you how to install that I need to know what distro you're running. So tell me that and I will help you out.
ok, distro what do you mean with this?? i am usin Suse Linux 10.0

thanx for helping me
For installing GCC,
open up terminal and then log in as root using

then open yast using
yast2 sw_single&

then search for the package gcc and install it..this should install gcc and required dependancies.. smile.gif

for adding dvd support check this article
okay i installed gcc and i downloaded xine so that i would be able to watch dvds...i typed ./configure the ./make and then ./make i have to change anything else in the kaffeine or real player that it takes that xine or what do i have to do to play any dvds now???

You are a great help to me
for playing DVDs you need to install libdvdcss is the link
Then kaffeine should be able to play dvds once the above rpm is installed..
If you want to play mp3's in amarok you have to install amarok-xine package..realplayer should be able to play mp3's without any other library..
okay i downloaded the program and how do i install it?? in the terminal??
never mind i found out my self how to install and i was abel there any other program that i should install that you know that will be important for me??

thanx so much for ya help
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