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Full Version: Can source-code versions of libraries be installed on ANY Linux?
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Look at this page, at the very bottom:

Source Package: gcc-4.0, Download: [dsc] [gcc-4.0_4.0.3.orig.tar.gz] [gcc-4.0_4.0.3-1ubuntu5.diff.gz]

Now can I install ANY SOURCE I find, knowing that it will compile for my system and will work -- or do I have to restrict myself to Ubuntu-ized versions of all the various packages?

This is a stupid question, but I can't find the answer anywhere.

I HAVE had problems (just yesterday) with installing .DEB packages that weren't Ubuntu. I learned that the hard way -- had to wipe my system! Now I'm installing everything from source or from APT-GET. I'm no longer using the dpkg utility to install .DEB packages I found somewhere on the Net (usually for Debian Linux, not Ubuntu)

Any help would be appreciated.



The "Debian changelog" says:

gcc-4.0 (4.0.3-1ubuntu5) dapper; urgency=low

* sparc-update: config/sparc/sparc.c (emit_and_preserve): Allocate space
for the register save area. Taken from the gcc-4_0-branch.
* hppa-cbranch, hppa-cbranch2 patches: Fix for PR target/26743,
PR target/11254, PR target/10274, backport from trunk (Randolph Chung).
* Fix PR c++/10385, PR c++/26036, PR c++/26558, ICE's on invalid code,
taken from the gcc-4_0-branch.

-- Matthias Klose <> Thu, 20 Apr 2006 18:27:33 +0200

gcc-4.0 (4.0.3-1ubuntu4) dapper; urgency=low

* PR middle-end/20297, taken from the gcc-4_0-branch.
* Fix PR target/25917, ia64, 4.0/4.1 regression, assemble-failure.
* Keep libffi doc files in its own directory.
* Stop building the libffi4* packages from the gcc-4.0 source.

-- Matthias Klose <> Sat, 8 Apr 2006 01:23:46 +0200

gcc-4.0 (4.0.3-1ubuntu3) dapper; urgency=low

* PR middle-end/26379 (ice-on-vaild-code, regression), taken from
the gcc-4_0-branch.
* PR middle-end/26557 (ice-on-vaild-code, regression), taken from
the gcc-4_0-branch. Closes: #349083.
* Stop building fastjar from the gcc-4.0 source.

-- Matthias Klose <> Sun, 19 Mar 2006 12:18:37 +0100
In general any sources you find you can compile and will run on your linux.

The "Ubuntu-ized" sources are you usually tweaked a little to run better on ubuntu, or have some other "improvements" made.

In general I stick to the sources provided by my distro, they tend to work better, there are certian "standardizations" that different distros have that make things easier.

However, if your distro doesn't have, say, the latest verson of GCC, you can go download any old source, compile and install it yourself.

So ya, in general stick to your distro's sources if you can, otherwise, anything you want.

I should caveat that, any old generic sources you want. You shouldn't go get the gentoo source for Firefox and try to install it on your ubuntu, that wouldn't work so well. It might, but I would for sure avoid that. If you find a generic source it should work.
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