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Full Version: Simple X Application
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Hey Guys.

Im pretty fluent with Visual Basic For windows for GUI apps But I need to make a simple app for X.
What I need is a app that runs on X with a few command buttons. When you press the
command buttons it runs a script like it would if typed in the shell. Basicly a Very Simple Control
panel for a Old system. something to have X start up when the system loads.

I think you can use QT and KDevelop to write such an app..and GTK with Glade is the other option..
For a simple GUI application for running commands I would look into tcl/tk.
I looked into tcl/tk. It seems pretty simple for me starting. Anyone know a good site for a newbie to start with?
Perhaps belatedly, but I am fond of php-gtk... They're also pretty eassy to move from Linux to windows and vice versa. Unless you are already into PHP, it's probably best to pick up with a more mature GUI language though.
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