Hi there,

I'm new to Linux. After trying several distros I've settled with Suse 10.1 and find it much better than XP.

Here's the thing: I have SUSe 10.1 I have an Nvidia Geforce 7600GT PCIE.
I have the correct drivers loaded for the card and 3d support (that was fun!)

What i would like to do as i did in Xp is utilise the S video input on my 7600 to watch tv (from sky box) and possibly record and do vid cap.

First things first though... Can someone recommend a stable app that can utilise the svideo connection on my card to view Sky via s video?

note - i'm not using a tv tuner card here. Just a sky digital box connected via s- video with the audio plugged into the sound card.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Thank You