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Full Version: Linux Newbie. Can't acces partitions
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Hi there,

i am using linux 10.1. I am a Computer Tech. and i had to back up a hardrive recently. The only way i could back up the drive was with knoppix. I couldnt acces the harddrive in Windows.
After i used knoppix i installed Linux 10.1. Now i cant acces the partition. It says permission denied. Same if i try to mount the partition. Acces denied. Ifi use knoppix i can acces drive. But i need to burn the data i backed up, and that is impossible with knoppix, cause its running from the cd. Doesnt let me eject the drive. Or is there maybe a way that i can share the data with knoppix and acces it over a windows network?

I hope somebody can help. I will be thankfull for every help.
Sorry for my bad englisch. I'm german :-)
For one thing linux 10.1 does not mean anything. Are you running SuSE, Slackware, Mandrive etc.

What type of filesystem is this partition? How is it mounted and what are its permissions? Can you post the exact error message?

If it is a regular linux filesystem you can use the chmod command to change permissions.
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