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Full Version: grub
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im sick of this im having problems everytime i turn around and now the computer wont get past grub.
im about ready to wipe linux from my harddrive and get windows agian because if i cant use my computer whats the use of having it

My first inclination was to just say "bye" since you gave no information at all and your post was more of a complaint and not a question. But if you do want help, please give us something to work with. A thought would be that if you're experiencing so much trouble, that there may be a hardware issue, possibly a failing hard drive. Anyway...

Depending on your distro though, using the rescue disk and the grub-install command, you should be able to get your system to reboot. Or, since you seem to be booting to the grub command prompt, just go from there.

For more info on grub and grub-install, look at:

If your hardware is OK, this should get you going.


Jim Dishaw
grub comes up and then everything freezes it fedora core 5

grub comes up and then everything freezes it fedora core 5
yes i am complaining but ive been working on this thing for about a week and one thing after another happens .
soory about venting.
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