Okay so I installed a fresh ubuntu recently with in the month and I have my partitions layed out as so

/ ext3 7 GB
/home ext3 70 GB
/swap 2 GB

Now I also have windows to run all my games etc ....
I have all my music in /home as well as some other programs and saves etc.. backups from windows.
Now I can read my NTFS windows xp partition in linux just fine
but when I use a ext reader in windows which has worked every other time I used windows
I get an error only on /home and I can't read any files or folders I get the error


Q:\home is not accessable

The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable

Now I've never had this problem before and every thing in Linux works out, my FSCK passes all and well
Can anyone help me I would really like to get my programs back