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when i excute some commands like dpkg. it says that requested operation requires superuser privilege. What should i do?
There are two things you can do.

To run a single command as super user add sudo before the command. Say like sudo dpkg This will run that command a super user then return you to a user prompt.

The other options is to run su and you will be come super user till you type exit. So you would run su type in your password, then run dpkg and what ever else you need, then exit and you will be back at a user prompt.

I like easy quesitons :-)

but um i dont know my password blink.gif is there a way to check?
What distribution / version of linux are you running? Ubuntu, debian?

In Ubuntu unless you specifically created a password for root just use the sudo command.

You can not recover a password in linux, it can only be changed.
You can also use sudo su to achive the same effect as su, but using your user password.

Sorry I didn't make that clear, when running sudo [command] you put in your user password, when running su you put in the root password.
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