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Full Version: Running applications as root
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I am still a bit new to this Linux stuff, but getting stuck in. So apologies for this question, if it is dumb.

Frequently when I want to edit a System file like hosts, I find it frustrating that the only way to do this is by going into bash, and typing su......

What I would really like to be able to do is switch to a root login from the desktop so I can use File Browser, locate the file and edit, or start a visual editor using some form of 'run as' (sorry to use the microsloath term).

Can someone advise me the best way to do this please.

What distribution/version of linux are you running. Yes, most distros disable logging in as root with the desktop as default but can be enabled. As a newbie it is not recommended to log in as root since it is easy to mess things up and is a security risk. Most would advise you to continue using su.
I am using FC5
Mandriva has (or at least used to - I have not looked recently) an option to open a root terminal straight away - That would make it easier. That said, the whole point is that it requires some effort on your part, since running applications as root is ricky buisness.
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