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Full Version: Cd boot problem
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This is actually about a Mac cd I got from my friends but I didn't know where else to go to ask, anyway so my friend just lent me his Mac os x86 cd that came with his new mac book but my computer can't read it in windows or linux and it wont boot off it. I have tried the cd in both cd rom and dvd rom drives and still nothing, do you guys know if there is anyway to get this disk to boot


You will not get an OS X disk to boot on any PC machine. Sorry. Yes Apple is now using Intel chips, but they don't have a standard BIOS like you're used to.

As for just reading it ... you should still be able to mount it. Keep in mind its not a CD its DVD.

Thats right, I am back.
Yay Jim
I know the cd's are incoded using HFS so if I ripper the cd's into ISO images and burned them back would I be able to run them ??????
If not is there anyother way to get it to run
Listen to what I am telling you.

It is not about the format of the disk, it is about the hardware in your computer. You can not install Apple OS X onto any Intel based PC. There is a lot more to a computer than then main processeor. Yes, the new Apple's use Intel procs just like most PCs, but the similarities stop there. The firmware is completely different.

You will not be able to get a OS X install DVD to boot and install on any PC with out major major major hacking, that no body has figured out how to do.

If you rip it as an ISO you will be able to read the files on the disk and browse them if you want, I don't know what you want to do with them, but your welcome to browse through them.
Okay sorry I misunderstood you I was under the umpression that it was the cd it's self but now I know thats not true. I will just use pearpc and run it on openbox or something that would accomlish the same thing
It wont run on PearPC either if its an Intel build. The install disks are specific to the architecture of the machine. If you want to run OS X on PearPC you will need to get new install disks from a PPC machine, not an Intel (x86) machine.
Okay, ummm then what about mac on linux is that only PPC to.
You mean emulating OS X inside a linux enviroment? I don't know of anything that could do that, but I would asume any emulators written to do that would be in PPC since thats been around longer and people have had more time to work on it.
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