hi, ive been using winlinux 2001, but it appears to not have support for my yamaha opl3-sax soundcard, but i heard that the new liinux kernels do support it, so i downloaded mandrake9.1
and started to update the kernel for winlinux 2001, i installed the kernel and its dependencies, but when i rebooted i got error msg that was basically, kernel panic cannot mount fs on 3:01.
what is this error and how do i over come it?? it it even possible to update the kernel for winlinux 2001 and if so what do i have to do?? but mostly would it be possible to just convert my winlinux installation to mandrake 9.1?? or is there an easier way to get mandrake9.1 to install on a fat file system so i dont have to repartion my hd. ive heard of lnx4win, but i cant find any info on it at all.
any help would be greatly appreciated