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hey guys im new to this forum and linux for that matter so pardon me if this topic has been brought up before. I am trying to install a program on a Linux Red Hat 4 computer connected to an IBM (306 i believe) server. Its a relatively short install, i copy the config.txt file to the computer from CD, modify it, then try to run an file, but when i do it tells me that the .rpm files have not been installed(the .rpm files appear in red when i do the -ls command). i have gone into the GUI to install the files(just less room for error) and went one by one to install them and they all give me a message saying they have been installed however the file still gives me the same error? any help would be heavily appreciated!
So what program are you trying to install via and how is it related to the RPM?
Some more information would be very helpful.

The is just a shell script which you should be able to read and modify as necessary. If it's not running, youmay have to chmod it to be executable (chmod u+x before running it.

The normal command to install .rpm files is "rpm -Uvh somefile.rpm" You may be able to just manually install your .rpm files with that command. File globbing works with that command so, if all the .rpm files are in a single directory, you could just "cd" to that directory and give the command "rpm -Uvh *.rpm"

Many install programs such as you are describing will have a README or an INSTALL file, or even both. These contain instructions on how to properly install the program. Those files can be read using the more command: "more INSTALL" for example.

To verify that a .rpm file has been installed, use the "rpm -q filename" command. If you want to uninstall a program installed with the rpm command, (perhaps to try reinstalling later) the command is "rpm -e filename"

Without more specific information on the program(s) you're trying to install and the specific error messages you're getting, this is about all the help I can give.

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