Hey guys,
I have two PCs I'm trying to use to set up a gateway and workstation. One machine is a laptop with a wireless NIC but no HDD. I'm planning on using this machine's wireless NIC as a gateway using a LiveCD. The other machine is a desktop PC with a LAN NIC that I plan on connecting to the laptop's LAN NIC for connectivity, since the laptop will be getting a wireless signal from a wireless router downstairs. but I was wondering if this setup would work:

1. cable modem ->
2. Linksys wireless router (downstairs) ->
3. wireless laptop (the gateway; upstairs, gets connection from the wireless router) ->
4. desktop PC (will have ethernet cable plugged into the laptop gateway for connectivity)

I'm not very familiar with routers.. so I am just curious to know if a setup like this would even be possible. I've heard issues about connecting routers to routers (my laptop gateway to the Linksys router). My plan is to use iptables/chains to set up the forwarding.

Is there a better way to do what I'm trying to accomplish? Else, would this setup be able to provide connectivity to the desktop machine? That's my main goal: provide the desktop PC connectivity while avoiding dropping $50-60 on a wireless PCI NIC for the desktop?