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I am running fedora core 4 and I'm trying to setup vnc.
I have it setup so i can access it via my windows machine and it connects perfectly fine.
The issue is that the screen i see is a blank grey screen with a console. I want it to appear with the kde desktop or similar, how can i do this?
in its current state it is useless as i can achieve the same with a ssh connection.
Thanks for any help
The environment you are looking at is just a very basic window manager and a basic terminal application.

Both of these programs (the window manager & the terminal) are executed by a script located in '$home/.vnc/xstartup'. If you open that up, you will see something a little bit like:

twm &
xterm &

There will probably be a couple more lines and/or options located in that xstartup file, but if you are just wanting VNC to use a login like would be executed upon local logins (and this is distro specific), just replace xstartup with something like:

exec /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc

That little snippet is likely to work for most systems and do what you're wanting...
I haven't used vnc at all with linux, but I installed the free cygwin (x engine) and it runs great over ssh. You could try to do that.
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