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Full Version: Help! Redhat 9.0 Freezes Randomly
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I just installed redhat 9.0 on a Hewlett Packard pc and everything went without a hitch. The problem is that my computer freezes everytime I run redhat 9. Sometimes it freezes after 30 minutes and sometimes after 4 or 5 hours. All I do is some ssh, running apache, emacs,...just stupid little stuff. When it freezes the num/capslock sometimes blink, and I can't type or move the mouse...totally frozen. I know my hardware is fine because I have a dual boot with Windows XP on other partition, and that works fine. Can anyone help me???????pleeaaasseee??

Specs are:

Pentium II
8 gb seagate (redhat 9)
8 gb westerndigital (windows xp pro)
400 mhz
384 MB ram
8 mb ATI video card
Sony DVD/CDrom
Sony CD-RW

This happens to me too, but i've determined that it's caused by my USB logitech gamepad. You wouldn't happen to have a USB gamepad plugged in would you? This is not only a problem with linux sometimes working with it, but when I installed Windows XP, it would freeze if i left the gamepad plugged in. Quite unusual.
No, I don't have a usb game pad plugged in, however I have read that CD burner's might cause linux to freeze up. I don't know if that's true, but if anyone knows for certain what the problem is, pelaassse post!

For anyone who wants to know, I believe I have solved the problem. I unplugged the Sony Cd-rw and booted up, and so far redhat 9 hasn't frozen in over 15 hours biggrin.gif I'll post again if it freezes, but I believe that was the problem. The question is, why didn't I try this sooner since I knew the answer??...because I was just totally doubted a CD burner had to do with the whole OS deduction, therefore is that having all the IDE cables used up on the CD burner, DVD player and 2 hard drives was just too much for the motherboard or processor to handle with redhat 9 as the OS.
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