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Full Version: /etc/X11/gdm/PreSession/Default
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I was recently given the task at work to put a login banner on a panasonic toughbook laptop with redhat 7 installed. After modifying the /etc/issue file with no success I decided to modify the /etc/X11/gdm/PreSession/Default file and now I can tell that it is working but I am locked out of my computer from all accounts.
The code I added was

if ! gdialog --yesno '\n My Message was here.......\n' 10 10; then
sleep 10
exit 1;

at the beginning of the file. I wanted the banner to be displayed and make the user check if they agree or not before being able to log in. Well my problem now is that I enter in my info to log in as root and I see that the banner is trying to display but it just looks like there is some problem with GDM or something because all it displays is a pretty distorted rainbow of colors for ten seconds and sends me back to the log in screen. I have tried to trick it and see if it would let me in if I just pushed enter to make it think I was agreeeing, but that dint' work. No matter what I do it jsut sends me back to the login screen.

If you know a way that I can still log in with a command line or reset that file I would really love it.
Press ctrl-alt-F1 to get the first TTY up. You can then login as root, "init 3" to stop the GUI, and "startx" to get back into graphical mode bypassing GDM.

That was just what I needed. Thanks
No Problem

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