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Full Version: Considering Gentoo... have some questions.
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I'm either buying Gentoo from edmunds-enterprises: It is the LiveCD/Installer for i686 (my archetecture)


Slackware 10.2 from edmunds.

I know linux well enough now where I'm not afraid of something like Gentoo, and I feel I can use it to harness the power of my machine moreso than with slackware. and yes, I would download it to try, but Im on dial-up, which complicates matters a bit.

however, my main question is: what applications does gentoo come with out-of-the-box? Im getting a new distro so I dont have to tirelessly update packages any more (Im using 3-4 year old software here.), and if gentoo only comes with a shell and gcc, I'd really be wasting my time.

What I need in my system specifically is:

Software development (w/ X11, gcc, g++, et al, I already have the SDL source)
Desktop (KDE, GNOME, XFCE, Im pretty flexible here)
(possibly) web server (just for testing php/mysql scripts)
Networking (I guess just ifconfig will work...)
Install STRAIGHT from the CDs would be nice -- corrupted floppies give me no end of trouble with slackware

Im also intent on installing some proprietary modem drivers for my PCTel dial-up modem, but I also have the source for that...

Does Gentoo have what I need, or should I just upgrade slackware? I am a performance freak with my system, and If gentoo has what I need I'll gladly move from slackware.
Installing gentoo thru universal install CD is of no use ,it takes the fun out of gentoo, i recomend sticking to slackware.
huh.gif Installing Gentoo is not fun - Using the universal CD is the best way to get it up and running in a sensible time frame. Once it's installed, it's a nice distro though and portage really does make package management super easy. I believe that if you get the GRP cd (precompileds stuff) you will get X, KDE, Gnome and some other bits. I'm not sure how much use Portage would be on dial-up though since it rather defeats the object. Installing the precompiled packages also undermines the Gentooo principle somewhat.
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