I am completely new to slackware, and I cannot seem to get my WG511v1 netgear wireless card to even light up. I tried several things so far to no avail just following tutorials, I was wondering if someone, keeping in mind that I am brand new to linux altogether, could give me a link to or direct assistance on solving this problem.


I currently have been trying to install ndiswrapper, I got the files to my slackware computer from another PC, and I unzipped them, and followed the instructions in the install file, and when I tried make or make install, it went through the motions and then results wth a few errors, I cant copy/paste them cause their on another computer so I'll give a vague recurring one.

#error "gcc 3.4 or newer should be used when compiling this model"

I have the driver for my netgear wireless card with the .inf file and the .sys file and ready to proceed but all further instructions require that ndiswrapper work.

Thank you.