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Full Version: Help with (re)installation
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i know jack about linux. 2 years ago when i bought a copy of Suse linux 9.1 to give it a whirl and i didn't really care for it.

the problem is it ate up half of my 80GB hard drive in it's partition, and now i could really use that. i restarted the computer and selected linux in the dual boot, but... i completely forgot my login and password (is there a way around this?)

so, i went into windows administrative tools, deleted it's partition and "tried" to allocate that space for the main windows partition. i'm not all that great with windows either. it gets done formatting the partition and i give it a restart hoping the dual boot selection would be gone and it would go straight to windows. nope. all i see is some gibberish at the top of the screen (it's a black screen with white text):


thats it.

i've put the live CD in, but as i've said i don't remember my login or password. i've tried to re-install it, and use the recover option but it just stops 1/4 the way through the progress bar.

am i screwed or is there hope?

first of all get ur data in windows secured by putting in Windows CD -> Recovery Console -> fixmbr
you should be able to go into windows now smile.gif
then try installing SuSE in a free need not take half the harddisk space just go into Expert in the partition tool and then select the space you want to allocate to linux..

Well if you forget password then there is a Failsafe mode available in SuSE you should see it in the Grub bootloader screen..then you can have urself a new password using
passwd <your user name>

it will ask you for a new password put in something and ur done !!
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