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Full Version: Kernal Panic
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goatee man
I have a win98 era Hewlett-Packard, 400mHz Celeron, 160 mb RAM, 9.6 Gig hard drive. I have tried several different distros including VectorLinux, Spinix, and DSL, but they all give me the same error when i try to load them up to install them, "Kernal Panic, not syncing, Attempted to kill init". There was one time that Vectorlinux loaded to the install screen right, but after partitioning the hard drive i had to restart the computer and i got the error again. I don't know what causes "Kernal Panic", please help.
can you tell us more about the some 3 or 4 lines above that line "Kernal Panic, not syncing, Attempted to kill init"
goatee man
yeah next time it happens i'll check, sometimes its doing it and sometimes it isn't. I just tried to check and its not doing it right now. I have 160 mb of RAM, but i've noticed that when the kernal panic happens, when the bios is checking the memory it only detects 127 mbs, but right now it is detecting all 160 mbs. I don't know if that will help you figure anything out but, its something at least.
Dodgy RAM can cuase kernel panics - Try re-seating it in the mobo, or moving it to a different slot.
goatee man
yes i messed with the ram and i haven't got the error since, so i was able to install Vector Linux, which is based on slackware. For some reason though it wouldn't detect my sound card.
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