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Full Version: Another Dual boot problem( 2 hd case) !!!!!
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i am a total linux newbie. so plz be patient and less technical in explaining. unsure.gif

1.i have 2 harddisks : 80 gb sata and 20 gb pata.
i have windows xp installed on sata . (it has four partitions of 20gb each . i dont know if its relevant or not)

2.My 20 gb harddisk has iso's of redhat 9 and rest free space.
created partitions : hdd1 -ex3 6mb
hdd5- vfat 6mb
hdd2- ex3 101 mb /boot
hdd3- 12gb /
hdd4- 957 mb /linux -swap
ABOVE information is noted down from the tool "kickstarter" from linux.
my processor is AMD 64 anthlon 3000+,ram 512 mb. way to linux install :
i ,for some stupid reasons, removed my sata hardisk before installing linux.then using boot cd which i created earlier installed LINUX on the 20gb harddisk successfully (using iso images ).my linux loads with grub boot loader.i am successfully running linux with no problems...

4.My problem
i have now connected my sata harddisk permanently.

when i chose "dos" from intial window (when sytem starts) windows doesnt boot bcos windows is located
in my sata to boot windows i have to configure my sata as boot drive everytime i want windows.
and pata as boot drive everytime i want linux.

i read previous posts some said boot loader shud be on same drive . i tried reinstalling linux and
when while installing it says that i shud specify the harddisk where the system shud look for booting dos when"dos" will be selected in intial window of system start ,i cudnt find my sata path . (i thought i wud specify the path of my sata c: drive and it will be solved)

help plz...
if unclear abt the problem pl tell me that too. i will try to be more lucid. wink.gif
Windows expects to be on the first drive so you will have to modify the /etc/grub.conf file

title Windows
rootnoverify (hd1,0)
map (hd0) (hd1)
map (hd1) (hd0)
chainloader +1
QUOTE (michaelk @ Jul 1 2006, 07:56 AM) *
Windows expects to be on the first drive so you will have to modify the /etc/grub.conf file

title Windows
rootnoverify (hd1,0)
map (hd0) (hd1)
map (hd1) (hd0)
chainloader +1

i tried but no effect it shows "error" when i select windows from start screen. unsure.gif
Does /boot/grub/ file exist?
if you use windows xp add the linux to the windows xp ntldr, read this link
hi all
i have winxp installed on my 80gb SATA.
i installed redhat 9 on my 20gb PATA by NOT connecting
SATA hdd to the cpu for some reasons.i installed grub on mbr.later i came to know that redhat 9 doesnt suppport sata so i cudnt get my linux to dual boot winxp.
this is the reason why the things that us pll told me werent working!i thank u for ur time and knowledge. cool.gif

i got fedora 4 recently .so to install it, i formatted my PATA totally by booting using dos and fdisk.i also deleted all the partitions.i think deleting all partitions will erase all records of linux,no?

i burn isolinux image of fedora on a cdrom as i am using isos to install it. on rebooting , i pressed enter to log in to graphical mode.
the booting started and then suddenly i started getting these kind of messages:

SIS_IDE : probe of 0000:00:02.5 detection with error

...things now move very fast i cant see....

VFS:cannot open root "<NULL>" or unknown boot (8,3).
please append a correct"root=" boot option
kernel panic not syncing :VFS unable to mount root fs
and loads to rubbish...

then the screen wud get stuck and i wud have to reboot

i hav tried several times ( even detached my sata to do it and next time pata and next time with both attached(phew..) )but in vain.

help plz.....

redhat 9 doesnt support sata
anyways thanks for ure time and support! cool.gif smile.gif

anyways thanks for ure time and support! cool.gif smile.gif
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