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Full Version: Do you think Xfce will gain popularity?
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When I first looked at Xfce a couple years back (like version 3.8 or something) it seemed that it wasnt taken seriously as a desktop by many people. I tried it out, and it didnt look that great, and had far less features.

As time has grown on, however, it seems to have gained many features (with the coming of full desktop icon support next version, along with a better file manager!) and I (personally) think it has a sleek look to it. It's been my desktop of choice for awhile now, even though I now have a PC capable of running KDE with all the eye candy turned on. I like it's style, and feel most comfortable using it.

Do you guys/gals think it will gain popularity as it gains new features?
Nope - I tihnk as it gains features it will ose users. People who want features already use KDE or Gnome - IT should stay in its niche. That's not to say it shouldn't gain a few though.
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