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Full Version: Sending/receiving Email
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I don't know why I can't find documentation on such a seemingly SIMPLE TASK, so I'm asking here. I'm trying to configure my linux box to send and receive mail using an SMTP server that is not the local box itself.

I got fetchmail to retrieve my mail for me. My email client is Pine, and I told pine my smtp server was "" (not the real server address), and it !@#$ that it couldn't send it because, in its own words: "self signed certificate." Wwhatever the !@#$ that means, and like most things in linux, it doesn't care to explain it, though it did tell me how to "fix" it. It said to append the "" smtp server entry with "/novalidate-cert", which I gleefully did. But, like most things with linux, it won't be happy until I slam my head into the wall or im on the brink of putting a gun to my head. After I appended the smtp server's name with that line it gave me and then I attempted to send an email, it !@#$ the following: "Mail not sent: cannot route to sender <>," where is the local username at the local machine.

So, if anybody can tell me, where do I go from here? Or if you don't know Pine specifically, can anyone atleast tell me where I can find out how to do this SIMPLE COMMON TASK?

p.s., my box is on a DHCP network, which is why I (think I) need to send and receive my mail via a remote smtp server.
Never used pine for email, but never failed to use any GUI e-mail clients to send/receive emails. If it's an old box, try fluxbox. It should load.

or look for pine info at
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