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Full Version: Installing Red Hat 6 Over Win 95
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Hey all,

I'm a Linux newbie, but I'm a fast learner and good with computers.

I had the disc for Red Hat 6.0 so I decided to try an install it on my older computer which was running Win 95 (the very thing that got me interested in Linux.) I have run into some trouble. First of all, I check the partitions, and the whole HD is dedicated to Fat32...I was trying to change that partition with fdisk, but I couldn't, it wouldn't let me delete the partition. Secondly, when I tried to install Linux OVER Win 95 completely. It gave me some crap about my system apearing to be running on a V86 mode. Can Linux install on V86? Or does it HAVE to be a 386/486. And just a question on the side. What are most computers now adays running in. Completely differnt?

Thanks Again for your help.

You check the harddisk cable so that it's connected the right way. No jumper select. Make master and slave. And in BIOS, you don't let it swap HDs.

An error message would be helpful. "it wouldn't let me delete the partition" can mean anything.

Or you could format the HD with a new computer and switch it back.
K, Ill get you the exact error message in two days, Im away from the comp for a little. Thanks for your help man.
What you need to do is create smaller partitions, divide up. on your hard drive in order to install Redhat, or any other linux system. There are several good programs out there that let you partition your hard drive. This will let you partition the drive without destroying the information and Windows 9x. Email me for more detailed information at

Once you partition your drive, Installing Linux is easy to do.
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