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Hey there Guys,

I'm a Windows XP user who is new to Linux. I was trying to install RedHat Enterprise Server 3.0 on my computer the other day and I was having a problem doing that.... I think I'm getting my hardware configurations wrong.

Firstly, I am trying to install Linux on top of a Microsoft Virtual PC. That, for those who don't know it, is a software which creates a virtual instance of the resources on your computer for use by a parallel operating system. What that means is that I can have both XP and Linux running simultaneously and switch between them as normal programs just the way that I would between Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel for example.

Now, down to the problem that I am having. I have a Samsung SyncMaster 753s monitor and a Asus P5GDCV Deluxe motherboard with 224MB of onboard Intel XPress Chipset Video Accelerator. Now, the problem is that which hardware configuration should I select in the post-install screen. It gives me no option for my monitor in the Samsung monitors catalog and the Intel XPress AGP that it gives doesn't give an option of more than 128 mb...... lol !!!! And, when I try using the S3 Trio 64 (generic) card and the unprobed monitor as the option, then there is nothing showing up on my screen in the graphical mode even though the text mode seems to be runnning fine !!!!!

Any help on the settings would be nice......

In case you guys need extra information, I have a Intel Pentium 4 with HT @ 2.8 GHz and 1 GB DDR RAM and a 160 GB HDD.

Any help would be good..... and you can also suggest the closest monitors or graphics cards that I can select for achieving what I want.

Gokul Guruprasad
I'm not an expert on Virtual Machines, but in my expereince they tend to emulate a sort of generic graphics card themselves. That is certinaly what happens in VMWare and Bochs. MY advice would be to check and see if this is the case for you - If it is then you don't need to find drivers for your ACTUAL hardware, you need to find them for the EMULATED hardware. They are normally provided by the vendor of the emulation software, but I guess MS aren't keen on Linux so that might not be the case.

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