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Full Version: Dos -> Linux | When cd booting isnt avail
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I have a weird Issue. I have a thinkpad 760 as mentioned earlier sometime. But you can either use The floppy drive or take it out and put in the Cd rom drive. and nope there not hot swappable unfortunatly. Now this thing also dont support booting for cd-rom. Which leads me to my problem of how to install Linux.

Now my own plan is to create a small partition and put dos on it, then when booted with my Cd Rom drive present, load the linux install from the loadlin batch file.

This could work but I also dont have a old verson of dos on floppys or floppy images of it to make em. I Had enough fun finding a few floppies as it is. I'm wondering could freedos work to get the setup running? if so i may try that. Also if anyone has any advice on how to get linux on this lappy your input is Greatly appreciated.

I tihnk it is possible to attach the other drive to the back of the thinkpad using a cable. That was how it worked on all the thinkpads I have seen - But I guess without the cable that is not especially useful. IF the tinkpad has network support then you could maybe do a network isntall - You would just have to share the install CD over the network from another PC.

Yu can use Windows98 boot dksiks to put DOS on to a fisk though. Just run "sys c:" to put the basic boot files onto C drive. Win98 boot disks are quite common, so I'm sure somebody you know must have one....

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