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Full Version: Just saying thanks
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I have been trying to configure my Fedora distro to act as a web server without a great deal of success. I finally got it to serve them internally, but any attempt to connect from the internet (either by ip or by the domain I set up) resulted in a timeout. So I went looking through the archives of old posts for any information that might give me a clue to what I was doing wrong. I found it! I had neglected to configure Fedora's software firewall to allow HTTP connections. I'm golden now. This whole post here is basically just to say thanks for providing a location to find and store this kind of information. See? Even nOObs can figure stuff out if they just put the work into it. wink.gif biggrin.gif

Thanks - We do our best. Whilst the mods, support specialists and just generally knowledgable members can be a help, it is only half the story. If people didn't come and ask, then we wouldn't have any problems to solve.

I enjoy solving things, but it is nice when someone takes time to say thanks - Especially in a new thread.

I think I will join you in saying thnaks, 'cause there are people that put in a lot more time and effort then myself.

You know you found a nice forum when you are up at twenty-to-one in the morning rambling on about it.

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