Hi all,

I am from a windows background and taking the steps to become skilled in linux and hopefully convert the rest of my collegues.

I am just starting out and have been asked to setup Redhat 7.3(for compatibility issues with a piece of software) on a Dell Poweredge 750, Kernel version: 2.4.18-3

The server doesnt have an optical drive or floppy disk drive, so for the installation I used a DVD/CD-RW USB drive.

The installation seemed to be a great success however when the system rebooted it appeared to hang at the section where it detected this USB drive, I powered the server off, restarted it without the USB drive in and the server keep up fine.

However i then needed to give the box an IP address, when i followed the commands from reference material to specify an IP it couldn't find a piece of hardware associated with eth0 namely the NIC.

I consulted a friend who pointed me in the direction of the drives for that card with Linux support.

However as the only means of getting this driver on to the box is through USB , whether it be a flash drive or CDROM I get problems.

When ever i plug in either the flash drive or the CD while linux is up and running the system hangs, if i do it before boot the system hangs at the boot stage.

So firstly I am wondering how i can get either to work to get the drive onto the box and secondly how to install the driver once it is on there.

I know this problem is probably very trivial but as I am a n00b to linux and help would be greatly appreciated.