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Full Version: vsftpd problem
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I own a linux server where is installed Fedora Core 3. I recently installed ftp server vsftpd. It's now configured that every user in /home has rights to access to his own account (directory) with a full control. Everything works fine, except one thing. I would like to create a new user account with full access to public directory. That means if someone (anonymous) would enter to browser ftp://myip he would be redirected to public dir XY and able to download/list files (without upload permission). There would be also user ABC which would have all permissions only to dir XY (his home directory), so he could upload and delete files (if logged in of course). Is there any way to do that?

And another question related to domain name. It's actually very simply. I would like to have domain name (which I already registered on for my ip. So if someone would enter ftp://mydomain it would be the same if entered only my IP address. How can I do that?

Thank you very much for further help.

I'm not up to speed on vsftpd - But I'm OK on DNS.

I'm not sure what services ueroDNS provide you with, but you probably have an administration panel where you can set the IP that the domain points to. If not, then you can use a free service called "ZoneEdit" which provides nameservers for you to use. Basically, when someone types in a domain name, their computers asks the "root" servers where to find the computer which knows about (for arguments sake) ".org" addresses. The user's computer then asks the .org server where it can find out about, say, "" - So the .org server gives the user's computer the address of the computer that knows about, which in turn tells the user's computer exactly where to find (or just etc. EAch of these is called a "nameserver". Basically, you need to configure a nameserver to informa other people about your domain, and then get your registrar (euroDNS) to tell their servers to point users in your nameservers direction.

So, try euroDNS first, they probably have all the features you need. If not, or if you want to have more advanced control, sign up for a free account with and follow the relatviely simple instructions that they give you.

Thank you, I redirected my domain name to my IP address and added it to hosts file. It works perfect now, except my first problem which I didn't solved it out yet.
Here is the situation:
I chmod-ed /var/ftp/pub to 755 permissions. Anonymous users have now permission only to read and copy files from public dir. The user which I created with home directory on /var/ftp has exact permissions - only permission to view and copy files, but I get 500 error if I try to upload something.
However, that's not what I need. I still want to allow anonymous users to view files (without upload/delete permission) and created user to upload/delete/create/view permissions on public directory.
Maybe there is a trick with chroot and chmod?
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