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Full Version: Dual Os System, File Sharing
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I just got RH 9 running last night. And I'm really hoping there's a way to access the files on my Windows partitions with RH.

Is it possible with the different file systems? Can I use Samba for this?

It's difficult for me to figure out where my files are because there's no type of drive listing that I can find. Where are my other partitions? Where are my pants?

I can't seem to find anything. I'll figure out most of it on my own but I really would like to use my other files. And my pants. Thanks.
Is it possible with the different file systems?[/quote]



samba is a windows file sharing over network server, it emulates the ms network share protocol netbios.

It's difficult for me to figure out where my files are because there's no type of drive listing that I can find. Where are my other partitions? Where are my pants?

All your drives are in directories or files. In Unix, there is no drive letter as like A:
A: is in linux /dev/fd0 a file with the device type.

You can mount your windows filesystems in a directory, for example:
mkdir windows
mount windows /dev/hda5

then in windows you have your partition /dev/hda5

to find out, which hda is your windows partition,


fdisk /dev/hda

hda is primary master ide hard disk
hdb is primary slave ide hard disk
hdc is secondary master ide hard disk
hdd is secondary slave ide hard disk
scd0 is first SCSI harddisk

then type p and return

it prints you the detected partitions

But now I have a question to you:
Did you allready read some lines in your Linux manual book?
Linux manual?... None here.

Thanks for the help. I just figured out the whole mounting system last night with a cd.
Hi. I did a little playing around in the terminal and learned this.

mount -t vfat dev/hda1 windows

It tells me that the device dev/hda1 doesn't exist. Same with dev/hda, dev/hda2, and dev/hda5.

fdisk told me that my first partion (of four on two physical drives) was hda1. That's where windows is.

I think this has something to do with another problem I have. The system can't find hda when booting. It says the device isn't ready and it times out. Because of this my system takes about two and a half minutes to boot into Linux. I already reloaded the system to try and solve this problem but it persisted. It does it with GRUB and LILO so it's not the boot loader. People use Windows/Linux systems all the time so it can't be Windows. What is it?

Thanks for any more help you can give. Anyone.
Also, Red Hat's "Disc Manager" program doesn't see hda1 or hda2.

Does that mean anything?
Hey, Iggy

your gonna kick yourself for this problem, but I got your answer. When you said that "dev/hda1" didn't exist, you made a mistake right away. Your have to put "/dev/hda1" in. Pretty simple, eh? That one little slash makes a difference. by typing in dev/hda1 you are telling it to look for hda1 in a subdirectory of the current directory you're in. By putting the slash first it tells it to look for dev in the root directory (ie / ). Second of all, I thought this might come in handy to you. If you edit /etc/fstab, you can set up linux to automatically mount your windows partition. I'm not exactly sure what all you have to put in because I'm not in Linux right now (... man I hate Windows...), but the file is pretty self explanatory. If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to email me at my address (it's on my signature at the bottom).

Ha ha! I'm a stump!


On a side note. Is the delay in bootup a real problem or is it supposed to do that? I guess I should make a new topic for that. Or maybe I'll ignore it.

Thanks again.
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