Im conecting to a remote host, wich is a VAX machine. I connect to it with telnet. When Im logged in I open a remote session in my linux computer with the command:


In my linux computers appears a login window. All seems ok until now. The problems is that the linux computer has to load some fonts from the VAX (it is done automatically when the login window is shown). The fonts can't be loaded and I get the following message in my linux:

AUDIT:Fri Jun 2 13:01:43 2006: 15315 X:client 24 rejected from

( is my VAX)

I'm not sure what is the problem here. A few weeks ago I did the same with REDHAT6.3 and I had no problems, BUT, I installed MANDRIVA2006, because I wanted a newer linux version. Now I can't open the remote aplication.

Some one have any idea??