I'm new to the forum, and i hope this is the place where all my linux newbie questions will be answered smile.gif !

I'll explain my problem:

first of all, machine description (the essential):
- slackware
- asus laptop M6NE
- kernel 2.6.16
- wireless card intel pro wireless 2200

Ok. A few days ago i managed my wireless card to work (installed ieee80211 subsytem from http://ieee80211.sf.net, ipw2200 drivers and firmware from http://ipw2200.sf.net). Today i wanted to fix my sound system (it didn't work) and i downloaded alsa driver. configure script told me that i needed to remove kernel built-in alsa support, so i recompiled the kernel (perhaps forgot to run make modules_install). I kept a kernel backup of the one i was running at the moment, and rebooted. Wireless didn't work anymore, neither with the new compiled kernel nor with the backup one.
Any suggestions??