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Full Version: Mandrake Gamepad Issues
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Hello all,
I've got a mandrake 9.1 installation and i'm trying to sort this one nagging problem, i've managed to do some impressive things as far as n00bies go, but this is bothering me.
I've got a "SBLive!" soundcard installed, with a gravis destroyer pad, it's installed physically using the gameport on the card. HardDrake seems to be showing the gamepad under "devices/other" for some reason.
I'm using OSS drivers for my soundcard.
I've tried about 5 different programs to get this working, but to no avail.
Please help smile.gif
There are some modules that you need to have installed in order to access your gamepad. My gamepad is usb, so i may be a little rusty. As root, do that following:

modprobe -v gameport
modprobe -v input
modprobe -v joydev
modprobe -v emu10k1-gp
modprobe -v analog
jstest /dev/js0

Some of these modules might already be loaded, just make sure you have em all. You can automate this with /etc/modules.conf and /etc/modules.
Yep... seems to have found everything apart from the "input" one.
I did test the gamepad with the last step and it found it.
Hopefully I'll be able to get it to work now.. thanks :>

well, 4 out of 5 ain't bad, as long as it works I guess smile.gif
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