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Full Version: Expanding User's Allowed Disk Space
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I'm trying to save some files to my home directory and I get an error saying that there's not enough disk space. mad.gif It's a 20gig HD, there's only two or three users on it, and I know linux isn't taking up that much space!

I did some scouting out on the net and saw some stuff about quota, but I don't have it on my box (running Mdk 9.1)... and from what I understand you have to configure it in with the kernel?!

Anyone run into this problem before and care to share their solution?

Two useful commands are "df" and "du". The df command shows you all mounted filesystems and how much space is used on each one. The "du" command, when issued on a directory, shows how much space that directory is using. I use this often to check each user in /home , or even go into the root directory and check how much is being used int /var or /usr , etc. This may give you a better picture of where all your space is going.
Thanks. I think df and du put me on the start to solving my space problem.

df returns the following:

[root@24 htdocs]# df
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda1 5.3G 5.1G 0 100% /
/dev/hda6 14G 33M 14G 1% /home

dl -c / returns a listing and then
5.0G /
5.0G total

I'm assuming by looking at those results that I've installed Linux on a 5.3G partition with a 14G swap. To correct this I'll either have to zero-write out the hard drive and reinstall Linux (apparently paying more careful attention to the drive's break down) or resize the partitions.

Am I interpreting the results correctly? unsure.gif

Hrm. I've been doing some more reading and I think this is what really happend... the partioning was fine... but I wasn't using /home as my home directory, so I was limited to whatever size / was allotted.

Eh, we live and learn.

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