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Full Version: I am just starting out
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I have a few questions that I am hoping to get answered, and they are scattered so I will keep them to one thread:
  1. 1) I can't get my D-link DWL-650 pcmcia card to connect to internet (I know it works because airsnort works)
  2. 2) having trouble installing tar.gz2 files (don't know exact error message
  3. 3) Trying to port Linux Screensavers to windows and vice versa
im using SuSE KDE 10.0
Wifi has even the most savy of us scratching our heads, and sometimes even kicking the couch...or whatever has the misfortune to cross our paths during this traumatic time. Let me refer you to the pclinuxos wiki. While it is for PCLinuxOS, there are instructions there and links that pertain to your problem.

The screensaver thing, others with more knowledge of that will have to help.

If you look via yast, there should be instructions there for building an app from source. I believe the wiki page I gave you above has a referred link to that as well.

Look, stick with Linux. I know it has it's challenges but concerning Windows...Something wicked this way comes. You might want to take a look at
Oh, I am DEFINATLY going to stay with linux, but I am going to have to port most of my software over before I do a total overhaul of my current box. My laptop is already at all linux. Thanks. Still wondering about teh screensavers......
Windows screensavers are basically .exe files with a .scr file extension. You won't be able to port them into a Linux screenshot format very easily, esp. without the source code.

Having said that, a wrapper screensaver which could interface with Wine to display Windows screensavers (Wine is an implementation of the Windows API to allow Windows programs to run natively on Linux) could be possible I suppose.

You can directly install a .tar.gz file, since it is just an archive, a bit like a zip file. You need to untar them, and then often compile the software inside. Instructions are normally provided, but if you have problems post the exact error message here, and what you did.

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