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Full Version: partion question
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whats better.
120Gb drive
- with 1 partion of 120GB
- or 2 x 60GB
- or 3 x 40GB

That really depends what you want to do. If you want to just mount it, and use it all as storage, then for efficient purposes one partition is best. however, to maintain data integrity you are better off with a few partitions since if one fielsytstem gets damaged, the others will be OK. I try to keep my data split across partitions, so stuff like music and documents is on a different partition to stuff like software downlaods and ISO images. Since software can get out of date, and it is often easier to just format a disk than tidy it up.

yep, on my windows server i have a 4x30Gb on a 120GB.. i try on the linux box with 1x120gb, but (I dont know its just me) but i think that thing is slow like hell. now i have 2x60gb on a 120gb and it seems it makes differences in speed and get data..
But im really not sure..
just like mmoor states i also have a 120gig HD partitioned in windows on 1 partition windows on the others music on D:/ photos on E:/ ect i then have a second 40 gig HD on the same system with mandriva installed on it ,it all depends on what you want to partition it for, mine was for ease of use and when windows goes tits up as it so often does you loose none of you treasured items you may of had stored on the C:/ drive and neglected to back up
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