Okay and my last 2 question for today smile.gif

1) I just figured out the fedora firewall gui in kde is buggy.. You have 5 standart service to enable and a option to add more service.
You click on more service and add for example port: 110 / TCP. you click okay. so far so good. Now 4 hours later you figure out, pew need to add port 112 as well, so you go there and click add service and you put in 112 / tcp. But now the funny part port 110 is gone.
And you cant also not see them, so every time i do something like this i have to remember all ports.
My Silly question, in what file get this writen? so i can manualy add them and not via kde gui.

2) I host my own 3 websites and one of my wife and 2 of my brother what haves remote access via ftp and my son as well via ftp.
I was gonna get them all user uid:gid 2001:2001 and map them to this in pureftp. and change ther ehome dir to 2001:2001
but im not sure what is better.
- to make it like so, or to give my brother 2001:2001 and my son 2002:2002 and so one.. what is more secure ?

and OMG i need a spell check, to check my bad english in this forum laugh.gif